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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leadership the Chris Brady Way

Once again, I was furiously taking notes as I interviewed yet another great guest on my Blog Talk radio show for authors. Chris Brady over-delivered.  The topic was on leadership skills and particularly how these can be applied to our lives. He learned the basics of leadership from applied experiences. He has been a business owner and for over fifteen years has been building up ideas of what true leadership means. Currently he spends much of his time teaching other people what he has done to achieve success. The audio resides on the site here:

He and his partner,  Orrin Woodward thought this idea, on leadership training would be a field guide, just a pamphlet but it turned into a full-fledged book that resides on several best seller lists. He explained that words like "Influence, integrity, vision and goals" are what we tend to think of when we use the word leadership... Chris defines leadership as "...the influence of others in a productive vision driven direction and is accomplished through the example and character of the leader."  I love that definition because it really encompasses what a leader should be.

The best part of a good interview is what the listener can take away, and I can't begin to cover all the points, there were too many good ones! I think one point he made that really made an impact is  leadership qualities can equip people to lead effectively, no matter how big and how small our objectives are in our lives. Think about it.

Many times we fail to take an initiative because of a fear of failure (aspiring authors, are you listening?) and this failure may be due to a perception that everyone else is more capable. What Chris teaches in his leadership training (and his book) is that leadership is not only assigned to people in high positions. Leadership can be found no matter what your level of influence is in your life. Leadership can be found everywhere.

This topic of leadership has huge ramifications to all of us. It can change our society for the positive. What an exciting thought!

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