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Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Author's New Years' Resolution

New Year's Resolution: An Author's Plan

New Resolution:
Click the "publish post button on blog", so this will become published at the right time! Okay, I goofed. Now you know I'm only human!

Have you hoped to become an author? Are you working on a second book? Do you have a plan? The most prolific authors that I know are those who are well organized and have a plan.

If you have not considered writing one, today is the day!

Goals for 2010  


If you are an author, research is your best friend whether you write fiction, non-fiction or poetry. Understanding how to write is half the battle of becoming an author. Having a well researched topic is also important. I remember researching England for a novel based in a country I had not visited. I have folders of information pertaining to the city, history and local delicacies. After my research I felt I had traveled there. Know your topic.


Do you know the essential steps for writing your book successfully? It takes much more than just placing your words on paper. Well, that does help! If you would like a course that takes you through weekly lessons, assignments and must-have information join my exclusive writer's ecourse here: You not only receive an ecourse you receive a private email to ask me questions, a writer's membership website full of writing and publishing information, and for a limited time, a free phone consult with me!

Hire a Consultant:

When I began writing my first book I had no where to turn. Writing consultants were not readily available and not at a price I could pay. I asked several of my friends who were published and while well meaning, their advice was spotty at best. Literary consultants come in all shapes, sizes and costs. if you are serious about getting your writing going, quickly this may be an option for you.

Felice to the Rescue: I am a consultant for those who want thirty minutes of my time or longer. It is affordable, email me at felice (at) and explain your needs. I can design a customized plans depending upon your needs. I have been consulted to rewrite entire manuscripts as well as analyze a publishing company saving one customer thousands of dollars (all after a thirty minute phone call). Don't be fooled by publishing companies that appear to be legitimate publishers but in reality are vanity presses.


A good author in any genre is one who is widely read, or an expert in their field. I had the pleasure of reading an excellent manuscript by an aspiring author, who happened to be a relative. When I asked her how she was able to write so well, she shared that she had read over 200 books in her chosen genre. That is doing your homework! Her work reflected an understanding of the writing process.

Read good blog posts from authors in your genre, or those who understand the publishing process. Follow blog posts of publishers or agents. Remember to post on those blogs. Get known. I posted regularly on several blogs and when I emailed the person, they remembered my name because of blog post interaction. It helps.


This is what divides the professional author from those who are aspiring. Authors write. Aspiring authors talk about writing a book. Spend the time daily, or at least three times a week or more getting words down on paper. Schedule and give yourself a deadline. That is the only way I can accomplish my scheduled writing of blog posts, e-course lessons, or my own full length writing projects. 

I did talk about writing, for about ten years. Even after I completed two full length fiction novels, I let the work sit after a few rejection letters. Even though these rejection letters included personalized comments (that is considered close, but not close enough!). Plan. Schedule, and do it!

Become Published:

Whether it is your completed book or not, you can become published. Write articles, write blog posts for your own blog or others. Get your writing known. Having a following on a blog post is a start. If you do not have a blog, it may be better to offer guest blog posts on other blogs. Do you follow any blogs? Make sure you post often, get to know the author, get to know the author's following, and contribute positively. In this way it will not come as a shock to the blog author if, at some point, you offer a literary piece as a guest blogger.

Send out our Manuscript:

As previously mentioned, you need someone to read your work. If you are writing only for yourself you have accomplished your goal. If you are writing for someone else to read your book, you have to get it off your computer and into the hands of someone whose opinion counts. This means someone other than a personal family member (unless that person happens to be a literary consultant!). Ask my daughter, a co-author on the Truth Seekers Mystery SeriesTM, if you want to know what a critique looks like! We received many of them with our first drafts, but that only encouraged the two of us to write better.

Not sure how to begin? Read this blog backwards. Start with some of my earlier posts and you will learn what I call the ten most effective ways to market your book. You will find these techniques work especially well for first time authors, as well as veteran writers.

Start a Page on a Popular Site
Have you heard of Squidoo Lenses or perhaps HubPages? These are two websites and I am sure there are many others that allow you to become published. HubPages is a bit daunting as you are graded on the website based on an algorithm only known to the site creators. I was not happy with my first score so I tried harder the next time. Try you hand on writing with these sites, but don't stop there. In fact I was once tempted to post a HubPage on how so many talented authors were wasting their time putting up HubPages. (You can earn revenue with these services, but for most it's not enough to buy a meal). Why did I try these sites? Because some of those I consult asked me about them and I wanted to learn if there was value. The value I give it is getting your work in print.

Teach a Class
We are not all teachers, I know that, but if you have any ability this may be a way to get others to learn about your books. I have many non-fiction books, which easily lend themselves to teaching. If you can create slide presentations, you can teach a class. If you are interested in monetizing your class, you can here,

Do you have any ideas of how to begin this year? If so, please share.


  1. Excellent post Felice! I read most if aloud to my son who is an aspiring author (he's written a novel, but shuns the idea of less... hmm.. creative writing. I wanted to show him that yes, he does have to do other kinds of writing to develop a following).
    I think he should have some "goals" (don't know if I'd call them resolutions... I'm always hessitant, since resolutions are for breaking... *wink*).
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Goals are always good, whatever you call them, something to strive toward. Congrats to your son for writing a novel! Many adults would be happy with that accomplishment.