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Friday, June 26, 2009

Public Speaking: Learning is Half the Fun.

In a Nutshell:
Where do you learn how to become a good public speaker?
In front of a mirror, with a small audience and feedback, and professional organizations. Don't forget: having a good dose of enthusiasm helps.

If you are an author the idea is to sell books, and lots of them. If you have a speaker's platform you are ahead of the game. You have an avenue to talk about your passions, whatever they may be, and to hopefully entice the listener to purchase one or more of your products.

Many times speakers don't talk about their book specifically, but perhaps one or more key points contained in their manuscript. How do you obtain a speaking platform if you are an unknown speaker? Just about everyone was an unknown speaker at one time. Developing your seminar is half the battle, convincing someone to let you speak the other. If you have a winning presentation, and can create a digital product, this can help. Give out copies or email it to potential prospects looking for speakers.

In an earlier post I discussed obtaining a platform and some ideas to get you started. Read it again, and I invite you to listen to an audio-interview of Jonathan Jeffus, the web and program designer of our website Scholar Square is a video-presentation website where anyone can post a presentation and charge for it, or sell a product with their presentation. The audio can be heard on the Scholar Square website. He covers some key ideas about the value of video presentations.

I recently had coffee with a friend who hosts her own radio show on fiance. She is an expert in the area and at one time was a bank V.P. I asked her how she became so comfortable with public speaking. Her answer? After college knowing she needed to work on those skills to compete in the corporate world, she joined the organization Toastmasters. My own children have completed Toastmasters with great success.

The key elements to a good presentation is multi-fold. I will be interviewing a communication expert, Jo Jo Tabares on my upcoming Blog Talk Radio show on July 6th. If you are interested in learning great speaking techniques, you won't want to miss this show found here:

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