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Monday, July 6, 2009

Communication Essentials You Can Use Today

Communication Essentials

What a great show! I interviewed JoJo Tabares of today on my podcast ( She is an expert when it comes to advice about good communication skills. I’ve been a public speaker for over twenty years (does teaching experience count? Then, it’s been longer than that), and I learned many great techniques today that I hope to implement very soon.

In a nutshell:
• Know your audience and speak to them
• Communication skills are not just about making presentations it’s forming relationships, and listening to people when they talk
• Don’t expect perfection, if you mess up, just go with the flow
• Good communication is essential for everything you do
• Being a professional is important for credibility.
• If you run a home business don’t wash the dishes as you are chatting with a customer (or allow the two year old to answer the phone)
• Come up with an introduction line when people ask what you do

For more details listen to the entire podcast at and visit JoJo’s website ( for great articles. (She has one on Twitter "Say What You Mean in 140 Characters or Less". I read it and loved it! She has many other business related articles dealing with communication.

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