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Friday, May 20, 2011

Guest Blogger: Dorothy Cadet "Writing in the Midst of Chaos"

by Dorothy Cadet

When I tell people I am a motivational speaker and writer and have published my first book, they gasp and ask how a mother of 3, (at the time and all were under 7 yrs. old) was able to complete that task.  The short answer is, “sleep deprivation.”  The longer answer is that it was dedication to ensuring that I wrote something every day.

As a stay-at-home-mother, life can get hectic with children, school, house, and working to stay sane.  We are the great vacation-less class of society, but it’s one of the most important jobs in the world!  It’s not always fun and easy, but the rewards are limitless.  In December 2009, I made the decision that I would finally write a practical book full of tips that would encourage women to establish goals dedicated to making memories and prioritizing relationships.

I set myself on a timeline of five months.  Five months was important for me, to minimize the additional work that came along with the children being out of school for the summer, possibly having to relocate for my husband’s job, and oh, by the way, I found out I was pregnant as well. 

I drew up an outline with defining points and when complete, I would have my book in rough draft form.  It began as an hour to an hour and a half daily, however the closer it got to completion, it stretched to nearly three hours.  Regardless of whether it was good or not, I wrote.  I could always edit out, but if there was no content to edit, “Houston, we have a problem.”

It may seem like such a simple thought, but that is how it happens.  Taking what many see as a massive undertaking and blocking time out to get it done, little by little.  I gave up my favorite TV programs and limited internet surfing to about 30 minutes.  I had to get serious about reorganizing my time if I was to complete my project.  Once complete, my husband and I went on a celebratory mini-vacation.  This was crucial because I had poured so much of myself into this project; he and I had to take time to recoup and reconnect.

It was tips like this that I included in the book and a host of others that enable women, whether an expectant mom or veteran, to not let go of their dreams.  The goal of “Laundry Can Wait” is to become a resource for women with practical information that is relevant and immediately implementable.  I encourage all women to pick up a copy at my website,, or they can order it at, or fine retailers. Dorothy also writes columns for, an online magazine.

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  1. This was so a mom of 6 I am trying to figure out HOW to go about getting started! Thanks again,