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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Career Change or Updated Look?

I can't decide if I've had a career change or just updated my look. I've been an author since 1994 and have the typical ups and downs of any author. Some books sell well, others not as well. Some books have made it into the library and others...well, let's just say the libraries aren't interested. Sometimes I've been asked to speak and other times asked to rotate a turn with another speaker. For an author being a conference speaker helps to sell books.

If you have the best book in the world and no one knows about it, how can it sell? So how do you get a speakers platform. For many it takes years of relentless hard work.

However, I have recently taken over the helm of a webinar platform that started with a friend of mine, Cindy Rushton. She had the wonderful idea of creating a conference from the comfort of her own home and inviting speakers from all over the US and participants from all over the world! She decided to turn her energy elsewhere and asked if I was interested in running these expos. I jumped at the chance.

Jumping is what I do best, thinking things all the way through, well that is a story for another time. I tend to be impulsive and while I had been praying about what direction I should take, this webinar platform was not something that was within my radar at the time. Yet, I have loved every minute of hosting the series of webinars and let me tell you the work can be overwhelming.

I found that speakers were excited about picking up the phone to present, using handouts or power-point slides to walk the guests through the presentations. The participants were equally excited about having handouts and listening from the comfort of their own homes. And, the best part? Cell phones did not have to be turned off, crying children were allowed and eating and drinking were permissible. Even time could be moved, if the participant could not make the scheduled live talk they had the option of "buying" the set to listen to another time.

What could be better? For both the speaker and the guests there was no expensive hotels, meals out, gas bills and travel expenses or other costly expenses. They could relax, listen to the presentations at their leisure and enjoy the live sessions they chose to attend. Overall the conference experience is one with a lasting impact for all.

I never considered I'd be a host running a series of interviews, or speaker sessions. I thought I'd go on to write book after book without ever thinking of any other option for my life. Yet, I have been pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully I've fit into this role and how hosting has brought me considerable pleasure. While I enjoy my radio show for authors it is one day a week. Webinars allow me to interact with the guests, get to know the speakers on a more personal level and allow my marketing ideas to take route, like hosting Twitter Parties (follow #UltimateWomensExpo) or Facebook parties on my new site for Ultimate Women here:

With opportunities coming from different venues, such as Tony Eldridge's marketing tips for authors there are other ways for authors to get exposure. Today, an article of mine was posted on "Finding Your Voice." This article was about finding your vision and your voice and being heard above the crowd. Not only have I found my voice but other's have heard it as well. I will be interviewed on another radio show on Wednesday May 18 at 9:30 EDT. Can't make it? Well you can listen to the archives of course!

You will not want to miss my upcoming webinar... the Ultimate Women's Expo in May for women who want to write, market, organize, find out tax and bookkeeping info or legal information pertaining to writing and business. I hope to help others to fine tune their vision. How about you?

How are you fine-tuning your vision? Or have you had a career change? Share with us!

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