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Monday, December 6, 2010

Guerilla Marketing Goes Green with Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz is an author I met long ago via social media and now have become reacquainted with him through the wonders of technology. Years ago, I ran across Shel and his innovative idea, setting up a Business Ethics Pledge online. Of course this piqued my interest and I signed the pledge. After all who doesn't want to pledge to run a business fairly?

Then, Shel popped up here and there and I ordered and read his book, "Grass Roots Marketing for Authors and Publishers." This book had a wealth of information about innovative ways to market without breaking the bank. Next I signed up for his newsletter and received updates from time to time. This and other information that Shel shared via emails, newsletters and his website soon earned him the nick-name the frugal marketer. His ideas included many ways to market on a shoe-string budget. As a new author it was a wonderful way to learn from someone who was an expert.

And then, Shel popped up again. This time via the social network LinkedIn. I invited him on my show for aspiring authors and his answer was a resounding yes. You see, Shel enjoys media in all forms and he is very comfortable in the front and center. Getting comfortable takes practice and Shel has had an abundance of this through the years. Shel's story begins as a 15 year old when he was already into marketing and environmental issues. His latest book "Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet" (John Wiley & Sons), is co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson the author of the original Guerrilla Marketing book. Shel is also the author of many other books and has recently started a new column, Want to Be Green and Profitable.

Shel has successfully joined his passion, environmental and "going green" with his love of writing. As an author meshing a passion with your profession is not always possible. Yet, this is exactly what Shel has manged to do with this new book. He hopes to encourage businesses to turn green while increasing their profits, and subsequently helping the planet as a result.

He has worked very hard to gain success. As a world-renowned marketing consultant and multiple award-winning this eight-time author is the Founder of the International Association of Earth-Conscious Marketers and the author of the Green and Profitable syndicated column. Never a dull moment, interviewing Shel was an adventure. He shared great tips for aspiring authors and those considering launching into the writing process.

If you are an author and need ideas on ways to market your upcoming book, take a look at Shel's great ideas. One is the way he is marketing his latest book. With each book purchase he is distributing over $2000.00 worth of products from a few of his friends. He has gathered partners who are willing to donate a download to the buyers of this book. What's in it for them? Free marketing. Their information is added on Shel's website front and center on his sign in page. In that way even if you have not yet purchased the book you can look at those who are contributing to make Shel's book a success. These types of innovative ideas are becoming more popular as authors couple with joint venture partners in book promotions. It goes without saying that Shel's book was printed on recycled paper and is available in eBook format. Learning from the masters is always a treat and I was not disappointed with the interview, I invite you to listen to the session here. Blog Talk Radio show with Shel Horowitz

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