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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Author: Angela Bisignano

Author Angela Bisignano was the special guest on my show for authors  Blog Talk Radio Information in a Nutshell.

She is the author of the soon to be released book,Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God.

Angela has her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and a masters degree in ministry. While she is talented she is humble as well, asking me to address her as "Angela" instead of Dr. Bisignano (pronounced"Bis--in--yan--o")

I loved the title of the book and Angela share it was a collaborative effort between her friends and her husband. Happily for her the publisher and her editor liked it as well. Deciding to write a book is different for everyone and without exception it can be a very personal decision. Being a Clinical Psychologist, this might not be the type of book you'd imagine Dr. Bisignano writing. Yet, write it she did and with an amazing purpose. The book is about empowering and equipping women--which is her passion and her gift.

Women today are challenged in many ways. Those who are in the work force are often in a man's world. Those who decide to stay home and raise children are challenged whether they left the work force to stay at home or are ridiculed for not having a "real job." And, those who have have children and work must deal with their dual roles. For the single woman there are challenges as well.

Having a book that encourages women to rise above their daily challenges is one of the goals of this book. The purpose is to lead women on a journey to understand their unique giftedness and what God is calling them to do. They can use the book alone or in a group setting. There is also a guide available for one day seminars, retreats and conferences.

Angela also speaks on the topic of encouraging women to hear God's calling for their lives. She shared that she took the last 5 years off to raise her boys and work on the book. This must not have been easy given her commitments, especially in today's world. This did not stop Angela and she successfully completed her book which is due for release early in December.

Opportunities abound for her which include speaking engagements in Southern California (where she lives) and she is accepting speaking opportunities as they arise. It is an exciting time to be an author and with the opportunities provided via social media and using it correctly are a great boon to getting the news of the book out to those who would otherwise not know. Angels is working with Terry Whalin at Intermedia Publishing in a co-publishing venture. [Note: I will be interviewing Terry Whalin in an upcoming episode on my radio show.] As a new author it is often difficult to obtain a publishing contract and this is a viable option for some. While Angela has written articles for peer reviewed journals in her chosen field of psychology, book publishing is a venture outside of her area of expertise.

As a new author she is excited to be approaching the release date of her book. The book will be released in early December and available at that time in book stores and online stores such as Amazon. Be sure to check out her book and tell her I sent you!

More about Angela:

Angela Bisignano has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Ministry. She is author of “Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God” being released in December 2010. She is in private practice in Southern California. She is interested in the intersection of leadership, psychology, and faith. Connect with her via Twitter: @angelabisignano or Facebook: Angela Gozzi Bisignano

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