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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Relationships: All About Friends

They say social media is all about relationships and I agree. This week my guest was Frankie Sherman and as I predicted we had a blast! I met Frankie's publicist via social media. When the firm sent me Frankie's bio the information contained her accomplishments (such as writing the book, "Why we need Girlfriends") but it also contained the details that she was from the south, and loved sweet ice tea. I in turn was born in New York, now live in the south, and love unsweetened ice tea! 

While opposite in many ways, we are kindred spirits. She inspired me with her love for the Lord, her hard work and the attention to details. She was a choreographer for the Georgia Peach Bowl and the Florida Citrus Bowl Halftime Show. Now her stage is packed audiences waiting to hear her message that is laced with humor and truth. Just as she choreographed the half-time shows, she now works on her presentations. You can see a clip of her video on youtube from her website:

Frankie has written a book that is a Bible study. This study is unique in that it focuses on the perspective of two Biblical girl-friends, Mary the mother of Christ and Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist. Through this study you will learn that we all need someone to lean on, an ear to listen and most of all the strength that comes from the Lord to face all that we will in this life.

In receiving a copy of this book I was immediately engaged and hope to soon purchase a copy to give one of my friends in the hope that we can complete this study together. What a wonderful blessing to take a friendship, a relationship to the next-level. Closer to each other and to Christ!

In typical Frankie Sherman style here is her list of more reasons we need girlfriends...

Only our girlfriends understand-

Why we cry at weddings

Why we need 5 pairs of black shoes

Why a pack of M&M’s and a Diet coke is a balanced diet

Why hair spray is the 8th wonder of the world

And only girlfriends understand…other women.

Frankie also added these sober statistics...

1 in three marriages end in divorce

1-in four had been violently abused by a husband boyfriend-the person who told them “I love you.”

10 million diagnosed with clinical depression

1-8 have or will suffer from breast cancer.

We all need friends and sometimes friendship can be found in a book with a caring author. For those of you aspiring to be authors, think about the impact your book can have on another and write from the heart. That will surely inspire, and create a lasting impact in the lives of your readers. What a wonderful legacy you will leave the world. Thank-you Frankie Sherman for leaving your mark for future generations.

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