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Thursday, January 28, 2010

People Won't Read Books Anymore? Think Again

And so the story goes... there was a man by the name of Steve Jobs who made a comment in the not so distant past saying that e-readers were going to fail because people were not reading anymore. When his prediction turned out the be false he did what all good business men do...if you can't beat them, join them. E-books are here to stay. In fact one source I read claimed ebook sales topped book sales for the first time ever. If I may add my own website stats, this year alone my ebook sales are 3-1.

A Hard Decision

I'm  normally a computer savvy, tecky. I've owned many laptops before they were in. I own a netbook, mine is cream colored white. I have a wireless card for my computer so I can surf the net from anywhere with cell phone service. I've owned a computer since 1986 (remember the Commodore 64? For those who care 64 stands for K the amount of memory it had). Yet, I have a love-hate relationship with ebooks. I'm not entirely sure why. I like the convenience of e-books, but I also like to hold a book in my hands. Do I have an e-reader. No. I've looked at them but I'm still holding out. I'm not 100% convinced its the same, contrary to what all my friends who own them tell me.

Why e-books?
  • I want (need) it now.
  • I don't want to pay shipping.
  • I will save money over the cost of a soft/hard cover book

Why not e-books?

  • I don't like digital files
  • I have to print it out if I want to hold it
  • I like books with covers 

As you can see I'm evenly divided. But then I'm in good company. Steve Jobs couldn't decide either. He's launched his iPad that includes the iReader, years after his competition. Well, Steve I guess we authors better get working. There is now another platform to turn our digital files into for your device.

I know, ebooks are here to stay. I just don't have to like it, do I?


  1. I think there are other reasons you are not considering. From the standpoint of a business owner, eBooks are much quicker to make available. You don't have to go through a printer and editing the printer's work and shipping from the printer. You don't have to worry about shipping costs or time. And you don't have to worry about the government rules they impose on physical product.

    As a customer, you have a lot more choice of product because the company can produce more in a shorter amount of time. You have no problems with shipping errors, delivery issues along with those shipping costs AND you never have to worry about back orders!

    You also have the added benefit of embedded links in the eBook for easy reference to additional resources now available to eBooks that may not be at all in a physical book.

    Just something to think about. Change is always difficult but I think eBooks are infinitely better for many reasons.

  2. Very good points. I agree with all of those ideas from a business standpoint which is why I sell them. But, given the choice for example in buying a novel I'd go for the book rather than e-book. I just can't imagine snuggling up by the fireplace with my good book (Kindle e-reader)...just doesn't seem the same.

  3. May I add in favor of owning a hard-copy, I personally don't enjoy reading an entire novel, for example, in digital format, I find it's more tiring on the eyes. And printing it yourself can offset your savings, not to mention it won't be as neat as buying a hard-copy.

  4. A friend and I have been going round with this too. Love techy stuff but at $499 out of my league, seeing as I just got the iTouch for Christmas, which I love by the way. No iPhone (just plain old cell) as I am not traveling enough to own one. I saw the Kindle which I loved, lightweight and not too bad on the eyes and it was the first generation. By the way Felice, great show with Pam on Monday. Caught the first 45 mins and downloaded to iTouch when I got home and took it with me to hear the rest. She's quite informative, as are you. Thanks for your expertise.

  5. Okay, we are 3 to 1 with real books in favor! Thanks Selina for your input!

    Thanks for you kind words, Tammie. My guests on the blogtalk radio show are so wonderful it makes my job easy. My lineup for February is amazing. All authors who have book contracts to share their expertise.

    The best thing, the shows are archived on the site so you can listen to it later.