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Monday, December 21, 2009

Taking a Writer's Break

Writer's Break

Take a Break or Write?

So, it is the holiday season and it's time to put away your writing until you have more time, right? It is time to take a well deserved writer's break. Well, if you are like most of us your schedule is full, especially during the holiday season. Does your schedule include time for writing? If not, don't panic. Even if you plan to take your writing out of the category of hobby and into the status of profession, there is time for a break.

I'd be lying if I told you I'm a write-a-holic and don't take a writer's break even for the holidays. But, I will tell you that while I may take a break, it is a scheduled break. I'm using this time to rewrite, reread and regroup. Taking a break for the Christmas season does not mean I'm totally on break. Although writing blog posts well ahead of time, does help! 

Take a Break: And Write

How do I take a break and still be productive? It takes some planning. Here are some tips to get you started, add to this with your own ideas:

  • Take time to recharge
    • Use your break time to do something fun. This may be related to writing such as reading a good book, or reading blog posts you may have neglected in your field.
    • Make a list of all the things you'd like to do, and do them! It may mean you take a total break and do nothing but pop some corn and watching your favorite movie. Great, only enjoy the time don't feel guilty you are not working.
  • Rethink and regroup
    • Use the time to redefine your goals
    • Brainstorm with a friend
    • Drill down and decide on the best use of your time.
  • Write ahead of time
    • Blog posts? Deadlines? Do it ahead of time.
    • Analyze when you write best.
  • Plan
    • Do you have looming deadlines? If so, map out time to write!
    • Use a wall calendar
    •  Sync your wall calendar to a portable device

Make the Most of Your Break

No matter whether you decide to become a couch potato, party machine or continue plodding along on your writing, do enjoy this time. So many of us waste time of inactivity and then feel guilty about it later. If I plan to take a holiday break, do it and enjoy it. It is a healthy choice. After all the holidays only come once a year! 

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  1. Great ideas! I have been using some of those and they are very helpful. I'll have to look into the others. Thanks!