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Monday, December 28, 2009

Publishers and Authors: A Partnership

Publishers and Authors

So, you are an author that has written a book. If you have read my blog you know I feel there are some important steps you should take before you complete your manuscipt. If you are new, take heart! The information is archived right here for you to read, now.

This is the information I desired to know as I began my career years ago. Alas the writing and publishing process has changed at lightening speed. Now instead of just having a great book idea, a desire for hard work and talent, so much more is required. For my company, Media Angels, Inc. I look for authors that will basically partner with me in the process. I take care of every aspect of the publishing and guide them into marketing. Yet, the bulk of the marketing falls on the shoulders of the author.

The key is understanding what your publisher is looking for and what makes them special. My forte is knowing what sells to my target group, and having a distribution plan set. Further, as an author and educator, I am able to rewrite portions of a manuscript, if needed, to reflect a product that is marketable. Not everyone who claims to be an author is one. I am very happy of this fact as I have been paid handsomely to transform good books into great books, as a book doctor. I have also been a ghost writer.

But, what about the book tours? Do small publishers offer this perk? Unless an author is a big-name with a New York publishing house, the television circuit, and national book store book signings won't happen. Not to say that you can't have a book signing at book stores with a small press, but these do require some legwork on the part of the author or the publicist hired by the author. Personally, I do not set these up for my authors, but I do give them the tools to put this plan into action if they so desire.

As an author, I feel your pain. As a small publisher I have a business to run. While I understand an author's struggles in wanting to see their manuscripts published, I have a business that is not a charitable organization. I pay the bills. These include and are not limited to: graphic artists, editors, printing, distribution, licenses and fees, website, and some marketing and publicity. As an author myself there is an added bonus that I write "ad copy" as well as press releases that can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars to hire out.

Publishers run businesses and as such we look for people who are passionate about their topic, as well as those who are willing to partner to market their book. This can mean writing their own blogs as well as guest blog posts, speaking, teaching classes, as well as the availability to participate in interviews. It is in essence a partnership.

If you had the choice of acquiring a novel from an author with a blog, a website, a national speaking platform or one from someone who is unknown but willing to do all of those things, which would you choose? It is a no-brainier as the teens are apt to quip. Doing your homework is required of an author as well as a publisher.

Do you have a manuscript in the works? What are you writing and what are your plans for publication? How can I help?

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  1. Hi Felice,

    I took your advice and am here looking at your blog. I find it to be well done and informative. In fact I am posting a link to your blog.

    Also, I will be posting today on Chicken Scratchings the blog for The Red Hen Association of Self-Publishing Authors, Inc. an invitation for self-publishers to submit books to the association for review. I am thinking that this could be an opportunity for professionals like yourself to garner publicity by doing book reviews from time-to-time. What do you think?