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Monday, September 14, 2009

Marketing Strategy 9: Black Book of Business Contacts

If you have been keeping up with my other Marketing Strategy Posts, this may very well be the most valuable of all. This is one of my top ten secrets for aspiring authors...that is for those of you who are considering authoring a book. If you already have a book in print don't worry, it is not too late to use this advice to your advantage.

In the world of business there is the coveted "book of business" that contains key contacts. Usually a list is amassed over  the years of doing business. The longer you are in business and are successful the more valuable your contacts become.

A book of business would vary greatly by industry. A contractor's contact list might be different from those of an attorney. While an insurance sales person would have a contact list that was not industry specific, but based upon clients who have purchased from them in the past. Who would be in the book? This may include previous clients, contacts in the media, or people you know who are great at referrals. This list of people would be in your niche market, or those that would be the most interested in your book topic. You are not going to include your plumbers name in the list, no matter how important he may be unless you have a book that is geared to the plumbing industry.

In the world of writing and publishing your book of business may contain some of the suggestions listed below. Don't limit yourself to these categories, and by all means if you have additional suggestions, please share!

Pre-Book Publication:
Writing and Publishing Book of Business Contacts:

Graphic Artists
Printers (for self-publishers)
Book Club Reviewers
Speakers associations
Magazine or print editors
Valuable online contacts
Social networking websites

This list will grow as you slowly get closer to your publication date. I have a list of twelve people I use with each book I print. Does this list vary, yes...but I am so happy the major leg work is over. I know who I am going to use to layout and create the cover of each book, I know who I'll choose to edit, distribute, or help with publicity. I know who I will call to set up speaking engagements, help with promotions and share my information via speakers bureaus and networks. What a time saver!

Do you have a list of people that you will use to help you as your book project grows near completion? If not, begin today.

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  1. I do have a list but since I write eBooks and record audios, my list is a bit different. I keep it in a folder in Outlook.