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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Radio Interview Marketing Tips

I had a great time today on the Ultimate Writer's Expo. I presented a seminar entitled 10 Ways to Jump Start Your Market before the Book is Published. When I first began writing all I cared about was completing my book. I had no idea what the entire process would entail. That was in 1992 and over the years I have experienced both the highs and lows of being an author.

I have coached many people through the years (before the term was popular), and found that many came to me for help after they had a product. With a storage room full of books and no outlet to sell, the great idea (the book) was now a problem. What had started out to be a joyful event...publishing a book ended on a soar note.

Well, maybe you don't want to self-publish and are looking for an agent, a publisher, or both. Marketing is their problem right? Not so fast. It goes unsaid that before you write your book you should understand your audience and your specific market. If you think that is up to the publisher, you may be surprised to learn that the publisher will ask you the same questions, or at least want to see something about your market in your book proposal.

I began with a speaking platform. I had an audience that was interested in my topic and hopefully were interested in reading more about the topic at home, via my book. It was a great combination, and giving seminars and workshops usually translates into sales. But, most people don't start out this way. And no, not all authors tour and speak.

One of the first thing I would advise no matter where you are in your writing journey is to learn. Try to learn something daily. I spend at least 15-20 minutes following blog posts, reading articles or researching a particular topic if I plan to give a speech. I have also used mentors, consultants and listened to the advice of other publishers in a similar market. The results have been rewarding.

I am offering a totally free audio presentation 7-Steps to Becoming a Published author and you will receive follow up emails encouraging you in the writing process. These tips are tried and true. If you are interested in jump-starting your writing career, visit my website and sign up for the series:

In the next few days we'll explore some great ways to market, many that won't break the bank. I'd love feed back as well. If you have a good idea you'd like to share of something that works for you. Drop me a line.

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