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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marketing Strategy Number 1

In a Nutshell:

1. Relationships via online forums
2. Favorites: FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn
3. Value: connections and recommendations
4. Time: 15-30 minutes daily
5. Time saver:

Relationships. We have all heard it said, it is who you know not what you know. Well, I think it is a combination of the two. For the best results I believe it is what you know and who you know in that order. Recently I have received many invitations to speak publicly. How? You’ll see below. For an author public speaking normally translates into sales. What if you only have an idea for a book? What if you don't have a completed manuscript? What if you are just in the middle? What if you are nearing the end or your best seller? It doesn't matter! Start networking now.

No matter what your industry or aspirations relationships often make or break a deal. So, start making relationships using social networking. Everyone has their favorites; my top three are FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in that order, although I have other accounts.

The first is to make your connections well, but this depends on what network you are using. Generally I don't connect to someone I don’t know, who does not have a bio or picture (for those who prefer icons such as Cat-in-the-hat, this doesn't pertain to you). Having said this, here are my unofficial rules:

Facebook: I usually approve connections if we have common friends, even if it is just one, or the obvious, I know you! I will connect with anyone in a similar industry or field. I will very rarely accept any “gifts” or join organizations unless I feel passionately about the topic. The same goes for events, I’m just too busy to check into each of these before I approve or say I’ll attend (virtually of course), even if I know the person.

Twitter: I will allow follows (yes, I check each request), if when I read some of the posts to the follower’s account I find it is not offensive (to me), and see they post regularly. It goes without saying that I read their bio and check out their website or blog if they have one. I will only follow those I'm truly interested in learning more about...unlike most people on Twitter, my "follow numbers" are usually larger than those I'm "following".

LinkedIn: try as the participants might...this system is really for those who know or want to know each other via this vehicle. There are groups springing up like "open networker" attempting to side-step LinkedIn’s rules. And, these work to some degree. I have a hard time in just adding numbers without forging relationships my main purpose for networking. In LinkedIn if you don't "know" the person you can only connect by specifying how you know them and in what capacity. There is a way around this, if you request and obtain an introduction via one of your connections.

By far, this website is my favorite in terms of professionalism, questions or surveys taken, and networking payoffs. The number one reason I like LinkedIn is the recommendation feature. If I am working with an aspiring authors as a consultant (or coach), and when they ask for my credentials, I can send them to LinkedIn. Here they can view my work history and my list of recommendations by fellow authors, publishers and editors.

The second mandate is to post regularly. I use a time-saver. Ping. This website allows you to set up all your social network organizations that you want to receive information at one time. You then send out (or “ping”) your remarks from one place. It automatically shortens a website address. It is the command center if you will of all of my posts.

The third and most important mandate, for my own sanity and the fact that God only deemed to give us a 24-hour day, I make it a rule (unofficial of course), to spend between 15-30 minutes on social networking per day. As you can see this doesn’t allow for many of the fun aspects of the social networking scene. This is like going to the cafeteria and eating lunch but not hanging out to talk for two hours afterward. Yes, I’m missing some of the fun associated with these ventures, and believe me when I can sneak a few minutes here and there I do post comments, but am running a business and as such I treat my network time as a to-do on my list.

All work and no play makes Jane dull…right? There has to be a balance and if you don’t “know” about me, check out my profile on Facebook. Okay, back to work. the next post will reflect the deals or leads I have made using each of the social networks listed above. Oh, and by the way, feel free to connect!

In the meantime if you are an aspiring author, take time to write, daily!

Until the next time…


  1. Thanks for the information about Ping. I was wondering how you were able to get the hyperlinks to show up on your status reports for LinkedIn when it wouldn't work from me when I worked directly from there. Glad I know you and had the foresight to contact you on this one. Could have saved some time (yours and mine) though if I had logged onto this blog earlier! Next time I'll go here to see if you have predicted my dilemma yet again :-)

    Have a blessed day.


  2. I found out about "pinging" and because of this time saver I can maintain all of my posts in about 15 minutes per day. Glad to help, Tara! It will make your life easier.

  3. The blog is looking great, Felice!

  4. Ha, that was me, Rachel, signed in as my business partner :).