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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blogger Schedule - That's What I Need!

Last January I attended an amazing retreat for bloggers. It was on beautiful Sanibel Island, in Florida. They didn't even need to twist my arm to get there! Actually, I am very blessed. I live a mere 30 minutes from this amazing locale. So, what did I learn?

It is never too late to resurrect a blog!

Yes! I am moving and resurrecting this blog soon - and who did I learn this from? The man who happened to be our Keynote speaker, and the author of Platform, Micheal Hyatt. Michael is an author with the credentials few can claim, Former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson. He understands the publishing market inside and out, and what sells books is visibility ... also known as a platform.

Well, I have the platform. I've been a podcast host for the past four years on my show for authors, Writing and Publishing and here Ultimate Homeschool Expo. However, I have been a very part-time blogger. And, thus when this came into my inBox I was delighted!

It turns out my graphic artist happened to create beautifully crafted sheets on tracking, planning and organizing your blog schedule. She asked if I'd take a look -- and I did -- and I loved it! It was what I was looking for, something I could print out or with a pdf writer, fill in the forms on my computer. It was great...and beautiful. Did I tell you she is a graphic artist?

The Complete Blog Planner Here

I am an author consultant, and Stephanie has worked with me on a number of projects, so it was natural that Stephanie asked me to take a look before she published her book. It had many elements I liked except one. All the pages were individual pdf's and it laborious for me to find the pages I wanted without printing the entire thing out. But, that was easily fixed and she did a beautiful job in putting this book together. She has forms for everything and now - with this arsenal of forms I'm ready to begin.

So, be looking for this blog to spring anew. I have a directive from Michael Hyatt that I can ressurect this blog again, and from Stephanie that gave me a plan I can follow to blog more regularly, make a plan, and stick to it. IF you are a blogger what do you use? How do you stay focused? Share your tips and tricks with us!

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