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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Your Blog as a Platform

As an author a platform may be the most important skill you hone. However, what if you are not a good public speaker? What if you get ill at the thought of facing a live audience? What if you decide it isn't worth it, no book is worth it and you'll just chuck the whole idea?

Well, I have good news... in a Nutshell. Of course.

Your blog can be and should be the basis of your platform. You can use your blog to:
  • Be real.
  • Entertain.
  • Share your passion.
  • Share your pains and failures.
  • Share exciting news or other blogs.

You can also use your blog to highlight a product or service, such as your latest book.

  • What a blog is not:
  • Always to be used for selling.
  • Be stuffy, unoriginal or steal content from others.
  • Be self-important or narcissistic
  • Ugly

Which brings me to another point of this article. Your blog should be a reflection of you. It should shine. It should sing... looookkk attt meee....

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