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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What is Your Claim to Fame?

I never aspired to be a famous author.

Although my goal as an educator was much more lofty. It was to become principal of a school, inspire teachers and students and change the world through the educational system for the better. In reality I taught in the "system" for two years, found my renegade teaching practices landed me in hot water and several trips to the Principal and Assistant Principals office (I kid you not.) where I was told a file was being kept on me. I quickly quipped, I too was keeping a file on them.

My not so illustrious career ended after two years and with the wonderful news that I was expecting a child. My husband's career was skyrocketing so it was a good time to stay-at-home, hang up my teaching shingles and turn my interests to my passion, reading. Life's twists and turns always land us on our feet if we remain positive, focused and take a while to kick back and refocus, when there is a need. This is a time as a Christian to seek the Lord, but I was too young, brash and "knew it all" back then. While I prayed I figured that was "bothering" God.

I found I enjoyed writing, took several mail-order courses (this was pre-Internet days) and enjoyed the time with my baby and my writing imagination. Once the rejection letters rolled in I decided it was time to once again regroup and study to learn more about writing.
Currently I find myself in the instructor mode. While I have seventeen books to my credit I enjoy finding ways to improve my skills. In my quest to learn from experts I've networked locally, online and read my share of blogs. After seeking, I decided I wanted to talk to those "in the know" and those with a "claim to fame" and even those who are aspiring and those related in some capacity to the writing and publishing world.

I began my RADIO SHOW FOR AUTHORS as a way to inspire and educate. I have not been disappointed other than a few interviews that did not turn out very well. In order to be invited as a guest for an interview, I ask the author to teach the audience something of value. Either from their experiences of finding a publisher or agent, self-publishing, or perhaps about their writing experiences in general. And as an added bonus, some authors happen to be wonderful teachers of the elements of style, characterization, setting or plot. One author shared how she researched to find deep-secret information that even the CIA questioned her about, for her novel. These interviews and more are archived on the Writing and Publishing Site.

Everyone's claim to fame is different. Not that anyone consciously thinks this through, but I've had some wonderful guests that I believe are on the "Hall of Fame" list. One was Turner Publisher the top Independent Publisher featured in Publishers Weekly Magazine or perhaps an author with over 100+ books... Some books are best sellers, some have sold 10,000+ copies. Many authors are humble, and then there are "THE AUTHORS" those with one book wonders or the "attitude". . . "I've written a book."

I'm not that kind of author and if I ever become one, please let me know. Please. While humility is a virtue I don't have to work on it for the most part. I'm a klutz, even my "tennis pro" teacher, and aging lady who had long ago played at Wimbledon, once asked me to NOT tell anyone she was my instructor. Maybe it was because I told her I played because I liked the clothes. When it comes to writing I think I know my stuff. It has taken years to hone my craft. Some are naturals and perhaps you are one and your learning curve will be shorter. Whatever your passion, keep at it and keep learning. Then you can email me and share your claim to fame with me, and perhaps we can plan an interview.

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