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Monday, March 1, 2010

Marketing Your Book Now

Are you tired of hearing me talk about marketing? Shouldn't an author write just for the sake of pleasure? What ever happened to purity in an art form? While I like the idea of writing well, writing to spread a message, teach an idea or rally the troops (whatever your cause). I much prefer the bottom line to be black!

As a publisher it is all about the bottom line. Much as I hate to admit it. If publishers don't make money, they don't pay the bills, and they don't publish any other books. In fact those of us who have published, unwisely (putting a book out before we lay the groundwork) have ended up with hundreds of books they can't move, sell or give away at rock-bottom prices.

I have held all types of sales and some are more successful than others. Yet, if I had marketed correctly in the first place I could have saved myself the aggravation of wracking my brain to decide how I was going to sell the book! I once read a blog in which the author was giving away 100 books to 400 readers. The first 100 read the book and passed it on to 3 other people so that there were 400 readers in all It was an honor system. What a brilliant concept and before the publication of his book, he had many, many sign ups to obtain a copy.

There are all types of innovative marketing techniques. And...I'm looking for some! If you know about a good book marketing technique share it with us. In fact, I'll make the offer a bit "sweeter".

For the month of March I will pick one person ... this month to receive your choice of a free book Information In a A Nutshell and DVD,  and/or a free 30 minute consultation. The consultation can be in the form of a chapter evaluation of your manuscript, talking over a book idea, or questions you may have about the writing and publishing process.

All you have to do to win is post a comment to one of the blog posts this month, and bring along a writing friend! (latter is not are requirement, but I'd love it if you did!)


  1. I'd love to win the DVD!

    Mrs. White

  2. The honor system review idea is great! I think that may be my next marketing idea.

    The campaign that I launched with and so far is really successful is for every five books you buy, I am offering a free book and one hour of free consultation. I have no cap on the number of free books you can get but I capped the consultation at three hours. I have companies going and buying extra books so they can get the consultation time.

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