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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Author = Success

What does the word, "success" mean to you? Everyone has a different interpretation. When you couple the word success with the topic of becoming a book author the word takes on a new meaning. For some, becoming an author is a lifelong dream. For others it is the complement to an already successful career. And for others, it is a passion something they had to do in their life to be complete.

Success for author, Twila (pronounced with a long "i") Belk, is anything she does in God's timing. I interviewed this amazing lady today on my radio show and it was refreshing to talk to this energetic and highly motivated woman who loves her job. She is the author of one book that she self-published, "Gotta Get 'Em Fixed," a spiritual humorous book filled with wisdom and inspirational gems. She wrote on note cards, the backs of an envelope and anyplace she could when inspiration hit, yet never found the time to actually sit down and write the book until foot surgery required her to be seated for her recovery.

It was time to clean out her purse, Twila revealed and write the book. Her journey took her to a writer's conference where she chanced to meet the legendary Christian author, Cecil Murphy. The author connected to Cecil and he asked her to stay in touch via email which she did for a short time until she began doubting her really meant it. Another two years and another chance meeting with Cecil led to a reprimand for not staying in touch and soon followed with a job offer. This offer not only saved her financially, but gave her cause for celebration. She was doing, in her words, what she was created to do!

These days Twila is the lady behind scheduling, keeping things on track, book marketing strategy plans, publishing contacts, event planner, back cover copy author, blog writer, radio and press release contacts and so much more. And, she does this with joy. We joked that before the interview the assistant needs an assistant! I spoke with Twila's very able personal assistant who set up this interview for her.

Twila is so busy with Cecil's career she does not have time to promote her own book. Yet she doesn't appear to mind. She plugs along happily telling anyone who will stop and listen about all the wonderful things the Lord has done for her, which is why she is known as the "Gotta Tell Somebody" Lady (and her website matches at

Twila is also in charge of the Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference coming up soon.  If you happen to attend, tell Twila I said, "Hi!"

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  1. Sounds like a book I'd love to read! Just my style.