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Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Agent...Deep Undercover Just for You!

For those of us with a love for the Spy novels, the word "agent" evokes a mysterious, shadowy, deep-deep, undercover character, who is bigger than life, takes chances and will work tirelessly for a good cause. Other than the "shadowy character" part, a literary agent does much of the same thing for an author with a good piece of Literature.

An agent is a intermediate between the publisher and you. This is a person you will come to know, trust and rely upon for their understanding of the market and what distinct publishers are looking to buy.  An agent has the experience you may lack and can help you obtain a better contractual deal than you might have obtained on your own.

Your Agent will...

  • Believe in Your Work
  • Find the perfect publisher
  • Work tirelessly for you
  • Encouragement to you
  • Obtains the best contract with you in mind
  • Works hard for their percentage anything for ten to fifteen percent
  • Is the mediator between you and your publisher and will help you solve problems
I will be interviewing Literary Agent, Elizabeth Pomada from Larsen Pomada Literary Agency

Be sure to join us for the live event Monday at 3:30 ET...or listen to the archives of the show here:

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  1. Hi, Felice, it's me Hatchet Woman aka Susan Marlow's friend Stef. Wish I didn't have to work this afternoon, or I'd listen to your live event. :-( Best wishes!