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Monday, November 16, 2009

Christian Authors Network

Christian Authors Network

What a blessing to have a group of Christian authors agree to interviews on my Blog Talk Radio show, here: These authors have one thread in common, they belong to CAN (Christian Authors Network).  I was introduced to this wonderful group some years back. To be a member you must have a book published traditionally.

In the last few weeks, and some more ahead through the end of the year, I will be interviewing successful authors who have so much to share. Some have made their mark through writing articles, others through ghost writing and authoring their own books, and still others through collaborative efforts. Several are journalists, missionaries, and even romance writers. I have learned so much which is a bonus and perk. I have even received books to review, which I consider an honor.

One such book comes from the guest on an upcoming show, Gail Martin. She penned "Writing the Christian Romance" by Writers Digest books. I was delighted to receive a copy as I have always wanted to write a romance. Actually, I've written two, neither of which I've completed. I consider Gail's book to be one of the best in covering the topic of writing a romance from a Christian perspective. In fact, it has motivated me to pull out those files again and take a look. Maybe they are salvageable after all.

Gail has written a blog post on word placement, using a technique called "backloading" that in essence helps to make strong sentences. Writing boldly is her trademark and I look forward to interviewing Gail as well as reading her post!

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