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Monday, November 30, 2009

Author Interviews: Jeanette Windle

One of my favorite parts of preparing for upcoming talk show interviews is the amount of information I learn about the guest. Jeanette Windle did not disappoint me, in fact she is one of the most interesting authors. She is a child of missionaries and grew up in small towns and the jungles of Colombia. After college and as an adult, she moved to Bolivia to work in the mission field with her husband. While she is "state-side" now, she has traveled widely and brings this experience to her writing.

If you are an author who wants to write fiction that reads like an authentic account, stay tuned to this blog, and Jeanette will share her techniques and tips with you on how this can be done. She has experienced many of the places she writes about. Even if you can't go to the places you'd like to write about or talk to those you'd like to characterize in your book, you can glean much through the correct type of research.

Another interesting point is that Jeanette continues to participate in writing groups. She is teaching and sharing her knowledge with others. What a wonderful gift to those authors who attend. Jeanette currently resides in Lancaster, PA, so if you are in the area you will want to learn about the non-denominational writing group for Christian authors.

As an author I will never stop discovering new ideas and techniques that will continue to stretch my abilities. It is edifying to learn from some of the best! Obviously the access to information online has been a great boon to authors. Sometimes I wonder what we did beforehand. My trips to the college library to research seem so long ago! Are there any techniques you have found especially helpful in your writing projects? Let us know.

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