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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Author: Just Waiting for the Big Break!

It only takes one book, it only takes one "yes" only...

You've written a book, and it took every last ounce of determination. You are finished, you celebrate, and you look longingly at the manuscript which resides on your computer, or on a bookshelf wondering about you next step. Don't worry, we've all been there. Some of us for more years than we wish to share!

Writing a book can be a dream come true! Now it is time to let others read it (and not just your family). Get feedback from those you trust. Make a plan. And follow through.

If you are serious about getting your book published make a list and follow through:

1. Determine if you want to obtain a publisher or self publish
2. If you decide to obtain a royalty publisher, consider an agent
3. If you decide to self publish find a good, no I mean excellent editor

Self Publish duties:
  • Editor
  • Graphic Artist
    • Interior book lay out
    • Cover Art
  • Printer
  • Distribution
  • Payment System
  • Website/Blog
  • Social Media
Royalty Author duties
  • Agent
  • Royalty Publisher
  • Attorney
  • Marketing Strategies
    • Website/Blog
    • Social Media
    • Interviews
    • Lectures
    • Book Trailer
    • Other publicity ventures
This of course is not an extensive list. But it does give you an idea of what is expected. Writing the book, while at the time may have seemed like very hard works, is the easy part! The process of getting the book into print can all seem overwhelming, which is why many opt to try for a royalty publisher.

Remember, even Shakespeare was an unpublished author at one time!

What is your story? If you are published what was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome? If you are an unpublished author, what is your greatest need...or fear?


  1. I am self published and my greatest issue right now is marketing in this down economy. Each of the six previous years our business had grown by leaps and bounds, but this last year sales were way down. We had a very nice income the last year but this year we are not sure how to market as the economy is so different.

  2. I agree, JoJo this is a tough economy, but there are still ways to combat this with ways that work when combined... networking, social media (remembering the 80-20 rule), free books and downloads, webinars, blogging, and most importantly of all? Using surveys to find out what your customer wants. I have found that using surveys allows me to fine-tune my business with a focus on customer satisfaction. When my customer is happy...I am very, very happy.