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Friday, October 30, 2009

Author Interviews: Sandra Glahn

In the next few weeks I will have the privilege of interviewing many authors that belong to the Christian Author's Network, (CAN).  The first of these interviews is with Sandra Glahn. She shared her experience, along with twenty journalists, of meeting and talking to Mr. Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem.

Sandra is a journalist, as well as a prolific author with some great suggestions for beginning writer’s on her blog:

I laughingly joke that my first published piece was the letter to the editor. Many of them. When the local paper contacted me about writing a feature editorial piece, and including a picture of myself, I was nervous. This was the “big time” … little did I realize the writing bug had taken a hold.

In her blog post, Sandra recommends writing articles on the same topic as the book you hope to write. It is a great way to break into print. As a teacher to writing students at Dallas Theological Seminary, she should know. She shares much more in her insightful post.

Are you currently working on a book topic? What do you think about Sandra's suggestion?


  1. I almost forgot! If you want to hear the interview with Sandra that included many tips and ideas for those wanting to break into print, go to the archives on Blog Talk Radio here;

  2. Looks interesting! I'm going to check out her blog right now. ~ Bethany L.

  3. Yes, I've heard that is a great way to break into publishing! Especially if you blog about your topic. It generates interest and a following. Before you know it, you have a ton of book "fodder." :-)
    Hey, Felice, I think you should add the part about the radio interview in the MAIN BLOG POST. Go back and edit it and add it, rather than in the commments' section. Some folks don't read the comments.