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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ask the Publisher

What if you could sit down with one of the top 101-Independent Publishers chosen by Publisher's Weekly, and ask him a few questions? What would they be?

I have the pleasure and opportunity to interview, Todd Bottorff, the owner of Turner Publishing and the man who received this distinction. Todd took a good company and made it better. Skills possibly gleaned by his masters in business administration degree from Harvard University. Mr. Bottorff took over the company in 2002 and his books are available from all of the major retailers.

Turner Publishing accepts manuscripts from agents and from authors directly. Understanding the individual needs of a publisher can make all the difference and the chance to make a positive impact.  Do you have a book? Check to see if Turner Publishing would be a good match. Make sure you obtain the submission guidelines from his website at

Usually people can't wait until Friday, in this case I am looking forward to Monday and this interview. If you can join us for the live event and ask your questions. If you missed the live event make sure you listen to the archives here:

What would you like to ask a publisher if you had a chance?

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  1. My most pressing question? If you are an author, are writing conferences the best way to pitch a book idea?