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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fiction Author: Susan K. Marlow

Does social media work in landing a publisher? For author, Susan K. Marlow, the answer is “yes” in regard to her book, “Reach for the Stars: Young Fiction Author’s Workbook.” And, who was that publisher? Media Angels, Inc. (that is my publishing company). I met Susan Marlow via Facebook when someone recommended that I “friend” her…I looked at her bio and found that she was a fiction author. I was intrigued and not only did I ask her to be my friend but I asked if I could interview her. I soon learned that Susan Marlow hates the thought of anything being “boring” and she is a wife, fun-loving mom of 4 adult children, grandmother, horse-lover and avid fiction author.

Susan and I have burned the airwaves in long-distance phone calls (she lives in Washington (State) and I in Florida, and email correspondence. Susan and I have little and lots in common. She has the grammatical gene I lack. We both love to write, love our kids and grandkids; both are homeschool moms and were both education majors. She is much more outdoorsy than I. I like horses in movies, novels, and from a distance. My one and only episode riding a horse resulted in a family story my in-laws still recount. Let’s put it this way…they are big animals and to be respected. I did manage to get up on the horse with my dignity intact and ride the horse…but that is all I’ll share of that adventure. Susan on the other hand can be found with photos of herself on a horse on her blog and website. (Go Susan!)

When I read Susan’s writing book for kids I loved it. I asked that she add a few pages Okay, 60 pages. Even so Susan was a good sport about it and did a fabulous job. This book has hit the ground at a good pace and is selling rather well. If you want to hear how Susan found a publisher for her Circle C series, what she recommends for those considering writing children’s fiction and more about Susan join me on my Blog Talk Radio show at

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  1. We will be hosting a contest on this radio show for anyone who listens in LIVE or in the archives. Tune in for the details!