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Monday, August 31, 2009

Do Published Authors Have it Made?

Oh the life of a published author!

Book signings
T.V. and Radio Interviews
Featured Reviews in Major Publications
Cashing Royalty Checks

Eating bon-bon's while wondering if you will buy that French Chateau or go on the world cruise you always wanted...

I'm sure this might be a reality for some, yet the truth for most of us? Hardly. The life of an author is far from the glamor and lights. It is hard work that is rewarded with more hard work. Yes, I've had book signings at National Conventions, radio interviews, my books featured in major publications and I've made money. Yet, for a Christian there is a balance that is necessary, lest we boast.

Keeping my eyes focused on my work is an important element. The good news, for me? My family strives, without even trying, to keep me very down to earth! It is hard at times to dodge every prideful bullet. I do recognize the source of my success. It all comes from the Lord and I could not do it without Him.

This week, one of my wonderful friends, and blessings from the Lord, guest blogger Jackie Perseghetti will share her trials of the 10-Deadly Pitfalls Authors Step Into. She is a gem and you won't want to miss her interview, Monday August 31 on BlogTalk Radio

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  1. My family keeps me humble as well. I've never had a book formally published. I've been self published since the beginning, so I've never had the book signings. Although I think I might be uncomfortable with that so I'm grateful. I have had strangers praise me and my work and then turn to my young daughter who couldn't care less and just wanted her lunch now! lol