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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Branding, It's Important. Do You Agree?

Why would I be speaking about branding when you may not even have a title to your book, your outline written or the ideas about what you want to write are scattered all over the place on little pieces of paper? Well, because not only is it important but it will actually help you to focus on your goal.

Since I've had years of experience and messed up more times than I care to mention, I can tell you that a lack of a "brand" kept me from reaching the goals I had set. When you think of brand names an image comes quickly to mind. Whether it is bathroom tissue, a sports car, or even a website browser. One name and you know what is being discussed. With publishing it is a bit harder but with a little creativity you can get the ball rolling.

The name of my company logo, Media Angels had a bit of a metamorphosis. It began with a singular angel figure without a face. Not quite a silhouette, but close. It actually was a figure that was tweaked from a popular publishing program's graphics file. It was pink and blue and it served its purpose for years. When I took my company to the next level I decided the single angel was not as significant and it was replaced with Angel wings... now when this logo is viewed, on my letterhead stationary, business cards, book cover jackets, or any type of advertising it identifies my company. I print books specifically for the Christian market.

The Media portion of the name has enabled me to create more than just print products and the diversity has stemmed from my original plan to offer audio, videos and e-books. You may not be concerned with a company name but you should be concerned with the name of your article or book title. There have been many books that have not sold because of improper titles. This will be a topic for another blog post.

For now, think about the vision you hope to portray. What do you want your customers to get from your books, products or articles? When they see your name or company logo what do you want them to think? Starting early in the process will save you big headaches later on.

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